‘Killer Robots’

Jungle World - Rechnende Colts

In May I spoke at the Science Museum in London about autonomous weapons systems (or ‘killer robots’, as the British press likes to sensationally characterize them). It’s a subject I’ve been doing public events on for the past 23 years, so I was glad to be joined by two people who in my view know what they’re talking about: Mark Bishop, Professor of Cognitive Computing at Goldsmiths and Chair of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour, University of London, and Jon Tepper, the economist and author of Endgame and Code Red.

Why bring a philosopher, a cognitive scientist, and an economist together to talk about such things? The reason is that all are aware of how algorithmic systems with executive power to make life-or-death decisions are already in use across the world. The future of war is already here. In an earlier interview with the German magazine Jungle World, you can read what Mark Bishop and I have to say about the autonomous weapons systems already in use here.

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