Dan O'Hara


D.Phil., Christ Church, Oxford University
Viva held and passed, no corrections, 23/06/2006
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M.St. in English, Christ Church, Oxford University, 1998
with Distinction

M.A. in English, Warwick University, 1995

B.A. in English and American Literature, Warwick University, 1994
First Class Honours


Books & edited works


  • "Skeuomorphology and Quotation", in Creativity of Finding: Figurations of the Quotation, eds. Martin Roussel and Christina Borkenhagen (Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2012)
  • "A Formula of Fear", (forthcoming) in Facets of Fear, ed. Marion Gymnich (2012)
  • "Traumatic Irony: A Model of Unintentional Disclosure", (forthcoming) in Narrating Violence, Trauma and Loss, eds. Anja Muller-Wood and Ulrike Tancke (2012)
  • [with Alex Burghart] "From Ramesses to Liberty: a genealogy of apocalyptic imagery in Anglo-American literature and film", (forthcoming) in Fear and Endings, eds. Susan Cahill and John O'Neill (UCD, 2010)
  • "The Metronome of Consciousness", Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd’hui 22 (2010), 435-48.
  • "Reading Posture and Gesture in Ballard’s Fictions", (forthcoming) in J. G. Ballard: Visions and Revisions, eds. Jeannette Baxter and Rowland Wymer (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)
  • "Deleuze and the Art of Psychosis", in Deleuzian Events: Writing|History, ed. Hanjo Berressem & Leyla Haferkamp (Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2009), pp. 270-85.
  • "'You are Hochhaus!': Ballard in Berlin. An Interview with Paul Plamper and Niklas Goldbach" Ballardian 9 Jan 2008.
  • "What Goes 'Ping' in Beckett's Ping?", Notes & Queries 54.2 (June 2007), 184-86.
  • "On The Phrase 'Ass Backwards'", Pynchon Notes 50-51 (2002), 158-165.
  • "Capitalism and Culture: Bourdieu's Field Theory", Amerikastudien/American Studies 45.1, (2000), 43-53.
  • - repr. in Chaos/Control:Complexity CD Rom (ZiF:University of Bielefeld, 2000)
  • - repr. in Chaos/Control: Complexity [Chaos Theory & Cultural Production] CD Rom + book, ed. Philip Hofmann (Hamburg: Lit Verlag, 2002)
  • "On The Line Of Flight: Pynchon's Entropy Machine", Pynchon Notes 34-35: Thomas Pynchon: Schizophrenia & Social Control, eds. Dan O'Hara & Eric Cassidy (1994), 56-69.
  • [with Eric Cassidy] "Thomas Pynchon: Schizophrenia & Social Control", Pynchon Notes 34-35 (1994), 7-10.

Translation articles

  • "Nous vivons l’ère des réalismes imaginaires". Translated from the French, from Univers (1977) (forthcoming) Ballardian.
  • "The Odyssey of a Young Ulysses". Translated from the French, from Le Nouvel Observateur (1988) (forthcoming) Ballardian.
  • "Living with Ballard: Claire Walsh at Kosmopolis". Translated from the Spanish, from El Periódico and El País Cataluña (forthcoming) Ballardian.
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  • "'Violence without end': An Interview with J. G. Ballard". Translated from the German, from Die Zeit, 8 September 2005. Ballardian 24 June 2008.
  • "'I really would not want to fuck George W. Bush!': A Conversation with J. G. Ballard". Translated from the German, from Das Science Fiction Jahr 2007, eds. Sascha Mamczak and Wolfgang Jeschke (2007). Ballardian 17 May 2008.
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  • "Munich Round-Up: Interview with J. G. Ballard". Translated from the German, from Munich Round Up (1968). Ballardian 15 March 2008.

There's also the matter of the O(rphan)d(rift>) book, Cyberpositive (London: Cabinet Press, 1995), which was probably the first Deleuzean technotheory novel, and for which I was fortunate enough, as a member of that collective, to be one of the catalysts/vectors/author-functions.

Lectures, Conference Papers, Media Work

Guest Lectures

Conference papers

Video, radio, media, podcasts, interviews

Other lectures, media work

  • "How bots are taking over the world", The Guardian, with Luke Robert Mason, 30 March 2012
  • "O. Henry", Zeitzeichen, WDR, 5 June 2010
  • "Elite - ein Begriff mit vielen Facetten", Podiumsdiskussion, Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Köln, 9 June 2009
  • "Oxford u. Köln", Unitas, 9 January 2009
  • [with O(rphan)d(rift>)] "Death Simstim", at Virtual Futures '95, University of Warwick, May 1995
  • [with Fredd Evans] "Sub-Apocrypha" (spoken word and sound performance) at Virtual Futures '95, University of Warwick, May 1995

Conference Organization

Virtual Futures '95. University of Warwick, May 1995. Conference co-producer.

Thomas Pynchon: Schizophrenia & Social Control. University of Warwick, November 1994. Conference co-producer.

Virtual Futures '94. University of Warwick, May 1994


British Academy AHRB major award, 1998-2000

Hugh Pilkington Scholar, Christ Church, Oxford, 1997-1998

British Academy AHRB major award, 1996-1997

Research Interests

Materialism in art and literature

Mechanism & vitalism


Gilles Deleuze

J.G. Ballard

Samuel Beckett

Art Brut, understood to include both fine art and first-person narratives


Ruin-sentiment and Apocalypse


American Literature, 1800-present

British Literature, 1789-present

Genre fiction, particularly science fiction and crime fiction

Philosophy and literature

Previous positions

Tutor in English Literature, Oxford University:

2005 Fiction in English (Lady Margaret Hall)
2004 American Poetry & Fiction (Lady Margaret Hall)
2004 American Literature (St. Hilda's College)
2003 Modern British Novel
--"--The Gothic Novel
--"--Victorian Fiction (Wadham College)
2001 20th Century American Novel (seminar series, Christ Church)
1998 Modernism (Corpus Christi College)
1997 Science Fiction (Wadham College)

Other teaching:

2004 Modern British Fiction (Oakland University/Brasenose College)
2003 Postmodern fiction
--"--Detective Fiction (Stanford University, Oxford Programme)
2003 Tolkien, Lewis, Williams (Gordon College, Oxford Programme)
2001-06 Expository Writing (ASA/Lady Margaret Hall)
2000 Detective fiction (Oakland University/Corpus Christi College)
1997 Thomas Pynchon (guest leader, graduate seminar, King's College, London)

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