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Virtual Futures '95

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Virtual Futures '95: April email advertisement

VIRTUAL FUTURES 1995: Simploding Machinic Desires

May 26 - 28 1995, University of Warwick, Coventry, England, UK.

VIRTUAL FUTURES 1995 is an interdisciplinary event that examines the role of cybernetic & non-linear systems in the arts, sciences, philosophy & business. The conference will explore the relationship between postmodern philosophy & chaos theory, with topics ranging from: information technology, hypertext, multimedia, virtual reality, the matrix, complexity theory, cyberfeminism, artificial life & intelligence, nanotechnology, & the theoretical implications of technology in regard to the future of economics, politics, & culture. Literary themes such as apocalypse, narcotics, & cyberpunk science fiction will all be addressed, & the conference will tend to emphasize materialist schools of continental philosophy & neurophilosophy, with a particular stress on the works of Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari.

VIRTUAL FUTURES 1995 will feature:

-Panels on: NetWar & Virtual Security, CyberFeminism, Deleuze, Guattari & Schizophrenic Capitalism, CyberPunk Fiction

-A Special Performance on May 25th by Stelarc (cybernetically-enhanced artist from Australia)

-MultiMedia Performances All Weekend: including O(rphan)D(rift), TechNet, & members of VNS-Matrix

-A Warwick Arts Centre film talk featuring the work of Film & Video Umbrella -Displays of the latest in computer-bred art by William Latham, Jane Prophet, Gordon Selly, I/O/D & Collapse

-Late-night dancing, drinking & neural networking

-And several surprise guests & events!

"The hardest drinking, most politically incorrect philosophers in the world" --Stelarc, in The Guardian