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BBC Future on the skeuomorph

BBC Future Useless design features that live on

I spoke to the BBC again about skeuomorphism. I’m pleased that they included my physical examples of rivets, jeans, cars, and keyboards, but most of all I’m pleased they included the one about credit cards deriving from Rolodex. These are all examples I’ve spoken about in the past, but the last was one I researched solely for this article and, as far as I know, it was a previously unrecognized example.


Prosthetic Envy at the V&A and on BBC5 Live

Engineering the Future

One recent article I published with Tom Ward and Luke Robert Mason is on ‘Prosthetic Envy‘, and can be found in this beautiful book published by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, made available for free online with the aid of the AHRC Digital Transformations Programme.

BBC5 Live interviewed me on the subject and you can listen to the whole programme on ‘The Future of the Prosthetics Industry’ here.


BBC News – What is skeuomorphism?

BBC News Magazine - What is skeuomorphism?
BBC News Magazine – What is skeuomorphism?

I spoke to BBC News Magazine about skeuomorphism: the article’s here. It’s quite a nice overview, and at least avoids Techcrunch’s current conclusion that the opposite of skeuomorph = ‘flat’.

If you’re interested in the more scholarly side of skeuomorphism, I’ve put an open access version of the paper I wrote for the Cologne Institute of Advanced Studies journal ‘Morphomata’ here: “Skeuomorphology and Quotation”.