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AI and the Weird

In February I was at Loughborough University’s London campus to speak about AI and HCI, at an event called Building Trust in AI: Designing for Consent – a double-bill talk, as it were, with Prof. Shaun Lawson of the NorSC Lab at Northumbria University. I spoke mostly about the evidence I’d given to the UK Parliament to an audience of lawyers, ML engineers, and HCI scholars.

In April I was in Germany once again, at the University of Göttingen, for a conference on The American Weird: Ecologies & Geographies. My paper was on ‘400 Years of Millennialism: a Doxa of the American Weird’, and a book is forthcoming.

At some point during the summer, but I’m not entirely sure when, the paper I wrote with my long-standing Lincoln Institute of Social Computing collaborators, now at Cork, York, and Northumbria, was published in Funology 2: “Playful Research Fiction: A Fictional Conference”.

And in November I spoke at the entirely splendid KFFK.de – the Cologne Short Film Festival – about why our cultural visions of an artificially intelligent future are so often dystopian warnings.


House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence

House of Lords Select Committee on AI - evidence

I was asked to attend the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence a while ago, and have been doing so for the last year. It’s been fascinating throughout. Mid-year the House of Lords established a Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, and I gave evidence, authored with Prof. Shaun Lawson, Dr. Ben Kirman, and Dr. Conor Linehan.

Parliament has now published the evidence and you can read it here.