CHI2013: The Future Robot Enslavement of Humankind

Partly inspired by Ruairi Robinson‘s excellent short Blinky TM, which I saw at the Rio Short Film Festival in 2011, I’ve co-authored a paper with Shaun Lawson, Conor Linehan and Ben Kirman from the Lincoln Social Computing Research Centre at Lincoln University, being given tomorrow at ACM CHI2013: Changing Perspectives in Paris (3-letter code ANS).

from Ruairi Robinson’s BlinkyTM

The Sinister Tech Research tumblr nails it. If you’re in Paris, come along. Your presence won’t change anything – the future still belongs to robots. But at least you’ll know why.

Edit, 2.5.2013: the slides are now available here, and the full paper can be downloaded here.

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